Makoto 『誠』 is the Japanese word for sincerity. The word brings us all together, for we all share one thing – the earnest passion towards Japanese culture.

What started as an idea, later became our ambition – to connect like-minded people that share the same sincere passion and interest for the Land of the Rising Sun.

With that idea in mind, 『Makoto Croatian Japanese association』was  founded on January 14h, 2014 in Zagreb. Our vision was to form Makoto as the central Croatian organization for promoting all social, cultural and economic activities related to Japan which will improve relations between Japan and Croatia.

Although we are a young organization we already took part in various conferences related to Japan, organized our own presentations and gatherings, such as bounenkai and shinnenkai (traditional Japanese gatherings for ending and beginning of a year, respectively).

We are proud to say that the association is supported by the Embassy of Japan in Croatia. With the help of our friends and partners we hope to improve relations and friendship between the two countries.

Our activities so far encompass:
• Japanese language workshop in Dugave Library
• Co-hosting the event „Putevi Japana u srcu Zagreba“ (Japanese paths in the heart of Zagreb)
• Assisting in volunteer Shizue Fujino’s visit to Croatia
• Helping in organization of Japanology faculty’s 10th anniversary
• Origami workshops

We wish to grow as an organization which enriches our community by providing Japanese-related content and enables cultural exchange. Therefore, we are always happy to hear your comments and open for partnerships that bring us one step closer to our goals.

Sincerely Yours,


Makoto hrvatsko japansko društvo
Makoto Croatian Japanese Association

Address: Kauzlarićev prilaz 15, 10010 ザグレブ、クロアチア
Webstie: www.makoto.hr
email: info@makoto.hr


Makoto hrvatsko japansko društvo
Kauzlarićev prilaz 15
10 010 Zagreb, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR 1425000091101408424
OIB: 08124537608


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